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For more than a decade, BOLD Education Connections (BEC – Nancy Gardner) has carried out its mission to empower every child with knowledge, skills, character, and work ethic to achieve the American Dream. BEC will provide exceptional assistance in all aspects of school management while striving to meet three fundamental and unchanging standards: significantly improve students’ academic achievement; delight parents and ensure high levels of satisfaction; and create a safe, secure learning environment.

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BEC has customized its services to meet the unique needs of East Shore Leadership Academy, and works diligently to ensure that the Academy Board’s vision is carried out. The strength of BEC is its exceptional team who provide services to children, parents and families at the academy it manages. This recognition, coupled with its emphasis on achievement of Academy Board goals, makes BEC a truly unique school management company.


Nancy Gardner

Nancy Gardner

President — BOLD Education Connections, LLC

Nancy J. Gardner is a graduate of Northern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science degree in mental retardation and psychology. She also holds two Master of Arts degrees from Central Michigan University, one in General Administration and one in Educational Administration.

Nancy received her special education teaching certification upon graduating from college and began serving as a residential group home director overseeing homes for the mentally challenged and the mentally ill. In 1991, she returned to traditional public school education serving as a special education teacher, as a teacher consultant and eventually, as an assistant principal for Holland Woods Middle School in Port Huron. She also occupied her evenings part-time as a substance abuse therapist, registered in the state of Michigan as a social worker.

During Nancy’s position as a middle school assistant principal she was instrumental in foiling a Columbine High School “copy cat” plan in 1999. Therefore, Nancy possesses a great deal of knowledge and experience in the area of crisis management in schools, receiving her training from the FBI in 1999-2000 during that particular span of heightened school violence.

Nancy has also had extensive training in learning styles and is a certified trainer for the LearningSuccess Institute in Ventura, CA. for the east coast area. In addition, she is also a certified Insight and True Colors trainer. Nancy has spent time in Nakuru, Kenya training teachers and students in all aspects of learning styles.

Nancy was the Executive Administrator at Landmark Academy from 1999 – 2009 and co-owner of Summit Management Consulting (ESP). Nancy co-founded Landmark Academy in 1999. She now has her own company, BOLD Education Connections, LLC. With her vast experience and passion to see charter schools succeed, she has made it her primary goal to assist Michigan charter schools in all areas of operation. She also served on the Board of Directors for The New Standard charter school in Flint, Michigan.