5th Grade

Hi!  My name is Alexis Jex and I will be your child’s fifth grade teacher this year.  This is ESLA’s third year and my third year as well!  I am so excited to be part of something so ground breaking!  I have wanted to be a teacher since I was three years old; so much so that my grandpa built a classroom in our basement when I was young.

“Success in education is like an open book; don’t close it before it’s done!” My teaching philosophy is based around this quote that I have created from past experiences and influences, as well as my love for music. I try to understand where my students are coming from when they are struggling, trying to understand that there are so many outside factors that affect them.  I try to understand that I will not be able to read their whole life story, that I am only a chapter in their book of life.  But I want that chapter to be meaningful to them as an individual.  I hold family values extremely high and know that everyone’s “family” is unique.  In my classroom, I hope to create a family like atmosphere.  For that reason, we are a family of 5th graders living and learning from one another.  We will listen with open minds, and respect others. 

Our classroom facebook page is: www.facebook.com/JEX5ESLA